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Se emplea la utilización de clases para acelerar (diez veces) la concatenación de cadenas, bastante lenta en ASP.
'ASP's ability to concatenating many strings together is really really slow by nature. 
'This sample code uses classes to speed up the process by ten times. 
'Someone recently came up with a DLL to do this but not all of us can install a DLL on our ISP's 
'web servers so I wrote this easy to use VB Class for handling string concatenation.
' Name: StrCat - Non DLL version
' By: Kevin Pirkl
' http://www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=6342&lngWId=4

    Set X = New strCat '- Create an instance of strCat
    X.Length = 100 '- Change from the default String length of 100,000
    str = "Hola mundo"
    For I = 1 To X.Length
    	X.Add("A") '- takes 7 seconds on my computer
    	'str = str & "A" '- takes 1 minute 7 seconds on my computer
    response.write str & "-" & X.value
    Set X = Nothing' Destroy the instance.
    response.write("<br>Se han concatenado las cadenas 'Hola mundo' Y 'A....A' ")
    Class strCat
    	Private IntCntr
    	Private strArray()
    	Private intLength
    	Public Property Get Length
    		Length = intLength
    	End Property 
    	Public Property Let Length( ByVal intLen)
    		intLength = intLen
    		IntCntr = 0
    		Redim strArray(1)
    		strArray(0) = ""
    		Redim strArray(intLength)
    	End Property 
    	Public Property Get Value
    		Value = Join( strArray,"")
    	End Property 
    	Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    		IntCntr = 0
    		Length = 100000
    	End Sub
    	Public function Add( strToAdd)
    		strArray(IntCntr) = strToAdd
    		IntCntr = IntCntr + 1
    	End function
    End Class