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<title>Colorea tabla - Códigos asp, programacion asp, descargas asp, rutinas asp</title>

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<center><b><font face="Arial" size="3">Colorea tabla</font></b></center><br>

Si quieres cambiar los colores de coloreado, modifica los valores WHITE (blanco),
YELLOW (amarillo) y LIGHTBLUE (azul claro) en el código fuente. <br><br>

<!--  By: Jonathan Barton    -->
    	'The const's are For the colors and the Flag is needed
    	Const sPrimaryColor = "WHITE"
    	Const sSecondaryColor = "YELLOW"
    	Dim bColorFlag
    	Dim lCounter
    	'This function does all the work For you.
    	function LineColor()
    		bColorFlag = Not bColorFlag
    		if bColorFlag Then
    			LineColor = sPrimaryColor
    			LineColor = sSecondaryColor
    		End if
    	End function
    <SCRIPT language='VBScript'>
    	Dim sRowOldColor
    	Const sHighlightColor = "LIGHTBLUE"
    	Sub Document_onclick()
    		Dim sID
    		'Need To show the parent of the element that was clicked on
    		if Window.Event.srcElement.tagName = "TD" Then 
    			sID = Window.Event.srcElement.ParentElement.id
    			MsgBox "ID = " & sID,,"This is the ID of the row."
    		End if		
    	End Sub
    	Sub Document_onmouseover()
    		if Window.Event.srcElement.tagName = "TD" Then 
    			sRowOldColor = window.event.srcElement.ParentElement.bgcolor
    		End if
    	End Sub
    	Sub Document_onmouseout ()
    		if window.event.srcElement.tagName = "TD" Then 
    			window.event.srcElement.parentElement.bgcolor = sRowOldColor
    		End if
    	End Sub
    			Alternating Line Colors	
    		 - Códigos asp, programacion asp, descargas asp, rutinas asp</title>
    			<TABLE width='80%' cellspacing='3' cellpadding='3' border='1'>
    				For lCounter = 1 To 10
    					Response.Write("<TR bgcolor='" & LineColor & "' id='" & lCounter & "'>" & vbCrLf)
    					Response.Write("<TD><CENTER>" & lCounter & "</CENTER></TD>" & vbCrLf)
    					Response.Write("</TR>" & vbCrLf)