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    ' By: Ben's VB5 Page
    Unfortunately, VBScript hex values differ from the way Internet Explorer interprets the colors, so you can't always be sure of what color your code will produce until you view it in the browser. In the cmdTRed_OnClick() procedure, I convert the RGB value (0, 0, 255) To hex for the text color, which should logically turn out blue. But if I had used the RGB color (255, 0, 0) (red), the text would turn yellow. 
    So be very careful when using VBScript to change document colors!
    'http://www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=361&lngWId=4    'for details.    '**************************************
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="cmdDocWhite" VALUE="Fondo blanco"> 
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="cmdDocBlack" VALUE="Fondo Negro"><BR><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="cmdTBlue" VALUE="Texto Azul"> 
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="cmdTRed" VALUE="Texto Rojo"> 
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="cmdTBlack" VALUE="Texto Negro"><BR><BR>
    Los botones son código HTML, pero las acciones forman parte del código VBScript.

    Sub cmdDocWhite_OnClick()
    Document.BGColor = Hex(RGB(255,255,255))
    End Sub
    Sub cmdDocBlack_OnClick()
    Document.BGColor = &H0
    End Sub
    Sub cmdTBlue_OnClick()
    Document.FGColor = Hex(RGB(255,0,50))
    End Sub
    Sub cmdTRed_OnClick()
    Document.FGColor = Hex(RGB(0,0,255))
    End Sub
    Sub cmdTBlack_OnClick()
    Document.FGColor = &H0
    End Sub