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<center><b><font face="Arial" size="3">Edita y manipula ficheros de texto</font></b></center><br>
Este ejemplo permite, dado un fichero de texto, modificar o eliminar las líneas que contengan un cierto
contenido. <br>
P.ej: <br>
En este caso se han cambiado las líneas del fichero &quot;Texto.txt&quot; 
que contenían Astalaweb.net o Astalaweb.org por &quot;Cambiado Astalaweb.org a 
Astalaweb.com&quot; y &quot;Cambiado Astalaweb.net a Astalaweb.com<br>

    ' By: T Runstein
    ' Assumes:Make sure you change the file names (strpath and strFldr) or create a 
    '     C:\FirstFile.txt before running the script.
    ' http://www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=6454&lngWId=4

    On Error Resume Next
    'Since this was written for Windows Scripting Host, 
    'it uses VBScript which doesn't use types.
    'To use this with VB, as types to the declarations
    Dim objFSO 	'as FileSystemObject
    Dim fle1	'as file
    Dim fle2	'as file
    Dim strPath	'as String
    Dim strFldr	'as String
    Dim strLine	'as String
    strPath = server.mappath("FirstFile.txt") 	'Put In the file you want To edit
    strFldr = server.mappath("TempFile.txt")
    Main 'This Calls the Main Sub
    Sub Main()
    Dim rtn 'as Integer
    	rtn = CopyStuff() 'This calls and runs the CopyStuff function
    if rtn = 1 Then 
    	MsgBox "Copy is complete"
    	MsgBox "An Error was found and the process was aborted. " & Cstr(rtn)
    		'The & Cstr(rtn) will display the number returned by CopyStuff
    		'After you've got your script running, you may want To remove this feature
    End if
    if Not fle1 is nothing Then Set fle1 = nothing
    if Not fle2 is nothing Then Set fle2 = nothing
    if Not objFSO is nothing Then Set objFSO = nothing
    End Sub
    function CopyStuff()
    Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'This creates the FSO
    	'I've included Error handling after Each step
    	if err.number <> 0 Then 
    		MsgBox "Error In Creating Object: " & err.number & "; " & err.description 
    		CopyStuff = 0 'Returns this number
    		Exit function 'Stop processing, go back to Main
    	End if
    if Not objFSO.FileExists(strPath) Then 'The file To copy is not present
    	MsgBox "The " & strPath & " file was Not found On this computer"
    	CopyStuff = 2
    	Exit function
    End if
    if objFSO.FileExists(strFldr) Then
    	objFSO.DeleteFile(strFldr) 'If the temp file is found, delete it
    End if
    	Set fle1 = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strPath) 'Open
    		if err.number <> 0 Then 	
    			MsgBox "Error opening " & strPath & ": " & err.number & "; " & err.description
    			CopyStuff = 3
    			Exit function
    		End if
    	Set fle2 = objFSO.CreateTextFile(strFldr) 'Create the temp file
    		if err.number <> 0 Then 	
    			MsgBox "Error creating temp ini: " & err.number & "; " & err.description
    			CopyStuff = 4
    			Exit function
    		End if
    	'Here's the work horse that does the copying
    	Do While Not fle1.AtEndofStream 'Change this line, Change this one too
    		strLine = fle1.ReadLine
    		Select Case strLine
    			Case "Astalaweb.org"
    				'When the above line is found, it is replaced With the line below
    				fle2.WriteLine "Cambiado Astalaweb.org a Astalaweb.com"
    			Case "Astalaweb.net"
    				fle2.WriteLine "Cambiado Astalaweb.net a Astalaweb.com"
    			Case Else
    				'This copies whatever was read In fle1
    				fle2.WriteLine strLine
    		End Select
    	if err.number <> 0 Then 
    		MsgBox "Error transfering data: " & err.number & "; " & err.description
    		CopyStuff = 5
    		Exit function
    	End if
    	 Set fle1 = nothing
    	 Set fle2 = nothing
    	objFSO.DeleteFile strPath, True	'This deletes the original file
    	objFSO.MoveFile strFldr, strPath 'This moves and renames the temp file, replacing the original
    	if err.number <> 0 Then 
    		MsgBox "Error replacing " & strPath & " With new file: " & err.number & "; " & err.description
    		CopyStuff = 6
    		CopyStuff = 1 'Remember that In Main, a 1 means successful
    	End if
    End function